Casio EX-S7 and EX-Z35 EXILIM digital cameras debuted

Amidst all of the cameras that we saw unveiled at PMA 2010 over the last few weeks Casio quietly slipped a couple new cameras into its EXILIM line. The two new cameras are point-and-shoot units with a bevy of automatic features for easy use called the EX-S7 and the EX-Z35.

The cams both use the new EXILIM Engine 5.0 for lower power consumption and high image quality. The lower power consumption is important for longer battery life, meaning more images taken per charge. The EX-S7 has 12.1MP and a 3x optical zoom lens with a 2.7-inch rear LCD. The camera can record 720p HD video and stores to SD and SDHC memory cards.

The EX-Z35 digital camera also has 12.1MP and a 3x optical zoom lens. The big feature of the Z35 is its svelte 0.8-inch profile. It can record video, but only at a max resolution of 848 x 480. Both of the cameras have software for uploading video to YouTube. The S7 will sell for $139.99 later this spring and the Z35 will ship in March for $109.99.