Casio ClassWiz fx-991EX scientific calculator has a spreadsheet function

Casio is one of the biggest names in scientific calculators. Students and professionals all around the world are familiar with the Casio name when it comes to calculators. Casio has announced a new calculator called the fx-991EX that has a first for the industry, a spreadsheet function. The new calculator will launch in Q1 2015 and brings with it a high resolution LCD.

The display on the new calculator is a high-resolution film-compensated super-twisted nematic (FSTN) unit with 12096-dot resolution. That gives it about four times the dots found on previous Casio models. Higher resolution makes it easier to view the numerical formulas and symbols on the screen.

The big feature of the new model is a spreadsheet function that is helpful in entering recursive formulas and studying statistics. That feature allows formulas to be solved that are found in the latest textbooks and lets it perform more complex calculations than previous models were capable of.

ClassWiz fx-991EX also has the ability to display graphs on a smartphone or tablet. To do this the graphs are converted into a QR code that can be scanned using an app and displayed on the smart devices, the user manual can be displayed in the same way. Pricing is unannounced for the fx-991EX.