Casio announces the Exilim EX-ZR700 ultra-zoom and power-sipping EX-ZR400

Brittany A. Roston - Jan 30, 2013
Casio announces the Exilim EX-ZR700 ultra-zoom and power-sipping EX-ZR400

Casio has unveiled two new Exilim digital cameras, the EX-ZR700 and the EX-ZR400. The former camera boasts ultra-zoom and high-end image stabilization, while the latter is being hailed as having the longest battery life in its series, allowing users to take 515 photos on a charge. You can check out both cameras’ specs and gallery after the jump.

Both camera models feature the Exilim Engine HS Version 3, which enables a high-speed burst mode. There’s a Triple Shot function, which – as its name suggests – allows users to take three images per shutter press, ideal for those times when the subject is in action. Photographs that have been taken are displayed on a portion of both cameras’ LCDs while the rest of the display continues to function as a viewfinder, allowing for simultaneous review and image taking. Both models support Eye-Fi and Flash Air for wireless image transfer.

The EX-ZR700 features a startup time of 1.4 seconds, an auto focus speed of 0.18 seconds, a capture interval of 0.26 seconds, and a shutter response speed of 0.016 seconds. The EX-ZR400 is a tad faster, with a startup time of 0.99 seconds, an auto focus speed of 0.14 seconds, a capture interval time of 0.26 seconds, and a shutter response speed of 0.015 seconds. There’s an All-in-Focus Macro mode, which takes multiple images at different focuses, then combines them into a single image where all aspects are in focus. Another similar feature is Blurred Background, which places a soft blur on a photograph’s background.

The EX-ZR700 features a 25mm wide-angle lens, as well as 18x optical zoom and lens shift image stabilization for crisp images. With Multi-Frame SR Zoom technology, the camera’s total zoom is 36x. Casio states that even when using the long-zoom, images still come out blur-free. The model features a 3-inch, 920k LCD display.

The EX-ZR400’s biggest feature is its long battery life, which allows users to take approximately 515 photos per charge, making it ideal for vacations, hiking, or other situations where charging is inconvenient. This model features a 24mm wide-angle lens and 12.5x optical zoom, with a total zoom of 25x via Multi-Frame SR Zoom technology.

[via Casio Europe]

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