Case-mate Hug wireless iPhone charger ships

Back during CES Case-mate pulled the Hug out of the shadows and showed it off for the first time. The Hug is a wireless charging system for the iPhone 3G and 3GS. The Hug is similar to the WildCharge system in that you can charge the iPhone without having to plug in wires, but the Hug and the WildCharge devices differ greatly in how they look.

The Hug uses a full enclosure case that is made from injection-molded materials rather than the soft silicone WildCharge uses. Case-mate also ships the Hug with a screen protector to provide coverage from all sides.

The Hug charge base is raised and uses smart technology to sense when the iPhone battery is full and stop charging to save power. Case-Mate is shipping the Hug right now for $99.99 and says that cases for Blackberry devices will be coming soon.