CasaTunes announces new line of multi-room music servers

If you have a fairly large house and you want your music to come with you wherever you are in the house, a multi-room system is about the best solution besides carrying around a boombox with you wherever you go. CasaTunes has you covered, as they have announced and launch a new line of multi-room music servers to provide music around your entire house.

These music servers seamlessly integrate with a handful of popular AV Receivers, including those from Harman Kardon, Onkyo, Pioneer, Sony, and Yamaha. The CasaTunes Music Servers start out at three wired rooms and five wireless rooms, but they support up to a whopping 24 wired rooms and 10 wireless rooms, making it the perfect solution if you happen to own the Palace of Versailles.

Of course, the system allows users to install a wired-only music system, a wireless-only system, or a hybrid of the two in any combination, which makes it fairly versatile as far as where the system can be implemented. And the technology uses Apple's AirPlay protocol to beam music wirelessly to various receivers.

Users can also listen to different playlists in different rooms, and it can all be controlled via the optional keypad (pictured above), through a web browser, or using the CasaTunes mobile app for iOS and Android. While setting up a multi-room music system isn't cheap by any means, it's a great way to get audio blasting all throughout your house, especially during a party.