Carv is a ski coach that slips into your boots

Carv is a wearable device for skiers that is meant to be a digital ski coach. Carv offers users feedback typically reserved for elite skiers with an expensive and knowledgeable coach to watch and teach as they ski. The Carv sensor device is able to measure things like motion and pressure distribution and relays that data through earphones that the skier wears in real-time.

Wireless connectivity with a smartphone lets the Carv sensor give feedback that casual skiers can benefit from while giving the advanced and pro level skier detailed metrics and analysis to improve their skiing as well. Users can choose a lesson or a drill to practice when using the device. Achievements are tracked to record personal bests for each ski run and users can challenge themselves or friends to a drill to see who is best.

Advanced skiers into freestyle tricks can use Carv to monitor take-offs and landings. Cross-country, skiers can use the sensor to analyze foot timing, symmetry, and weight distribution to improve efforts and reduce fatigue. The sensor is also intended to help coaches train athletes on little things that can make a difference that might not be noted while viewing video of the runs. The system uses an insole that is placed inside a ski boot and the tracker portion clips onto the rear of the boot.

Carv is on Kickstarter seeking $50,000 and has raised over $192,000 at the time of writing with 16 days to go. A pledge of $199 or more will get a Carv set with two inserts and two trackers with delivery by November 2016, in time for the next ski season. The Carv coach system is $349 or more and includes the tracker and a Coach subscription.

SOURCE: Kickstarter