Cartoon Network arrives on Roku with full episodes and early premieres

Roku offers 'channels' in the form of apps, and those apps point users to a specific service like Netflix. Cartoon Network is the latest network to launch its own app for the Roku platform, and frankly it is about time. The popular network's content can now be viewed on Roku set-top boxes, streaming sticks, and smart TVs, the company has announced.

As most Roku users already know, these apps can be acquired in the Roku Channel Store, where they're free to download onto your device. Some channels require the user to either sign up for the service, such as Netflix and CBS All Access, whereas others provide free content, such as Tubi TV. In certain cases, a user doesn't have either option, instead needing a supported cable or satellite (or occasionally, an OTT) account that authorizes the app.

In Cartoon Network's case, users must sign into their TV service provider's account with their existing username and password, meaning this app is mostly only good for those who are already paying for cable or satellite. If you don't have that, though, Cartoon Network says there is some bonus content and 'select episodes' available to watch without authenticating the app.

Assuming you do authenticate the app (e.g., sign into your cable provider's account), you'll get access to some preview content call 'See It First' that arrives in the app before airing on TV; there are also full-length episodes from shows like Teen Titans Go! and Steven Universe. Other content includes clips and video mixes.

If you have a Roku device, you can find the Cartoon Network app here. Whether this launch will be followed by an Adult Swim app isn't stated, but there's nothing wrong with hoping.