Carrier IQ tracking turns into wiretapping suit against it, Samsung ,and HTC

The tech world has blown up over the last several weeks with Carrier IQ's tacking software being sore point for just about every smartphone user out there that has the software on their devices and didn't know it. Carrier IQ software was able to track all sorts of stuff on mobile devices without the user knowing it. Some of the biggest smartphone firms out there were using the software too.

The use of Carrier ID tracking software by Samsung and HTC has landed the two companies along with Carrier IQ itself at the center of a wiretapping lawsuit. There have been class action suits filed in Chicago and St. Louis that are seeking hundreds of millions of dollars on behalf of all the folks in the US that had phones that ran the software.

Carrier IQ still maintains that its software is only used to help carriers improve their service. The security researcher that discovered the software posted video allegedly showing the Carrier IQ software recording keystrokes and more.

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