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Christina Crouch - Nov 28, 2007

Every year I’ll hear some female member of my family claim they’d like a vacuum, steam cleaner, etc… for Christmas. If you’ve heard this complaint from one of your nearest and dearest, here are two items worth a look into.

The first is the Metaphys Uzu Cyclone Rechargeable Vacuum. The best part of this is that’s rechargeable. That means there are no cords to fuss around with, just plug it into the wall until needed. Aside from that it’s good features are that it’s lightweight and looks really cool. It appears to come in grey and black and prices around $400.

The second is the Dirt Devil Purpose for Pets Portable Extractor. It’s top feature is that it comes with blacklight LED’s to illuminate those problem areas of your carpet your furry friends leave behind. It has a 56 oz. on-board tank to hold whatever cleaning solution suits you best and comes with a 4 ft. attached hose to get those hard to reach places. This handy cleaning tool will cost you around $100.

Purpose for Pets

While these are both great items that anyone would be thankful to receive as a gift, let me give you a few words of advice. Don’t give these as a Christmas, Birthday, Valentines Day or what-have-you gift. You will never hear the end of it. Make a nice gesture and just give it on a regular old day. However, if you must make this a special occasion gift then you had better have a really amazing second gift that will trump this one. Woe be on those who do not heed these words.

Metaphys Uzu Cyclone Rechargeable Vacuum [via OhGizmo!]

Dirt Devil Purpose For Pets Stain Extractor- Do You Smell Something? [via OhGizmo!]

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