Carousel 'Photo School' may up your mobile photography game

The best camera you have is the one you've got with you, right? We bet your smartphone is on you most of the time, too, making it crucial for getting pics when you're in a moment. While hardware and software are a big part of taking good pics, so is skill. If you don't know how to take great photos, yours won't be very good, regardless of what photo editor or smartphone you have. To help with that, Carousel is introducing Photo School, a series of blogs meant to encourage better smartphone photography.

Carousel's goal is to make the shots you take, or will be taking — thing like baby photos or sunsets, maybe even that burger you're about to eat — better via some simple tips. The blog posts likely won't rely too much on your hardware, either, as Carousel says Photo School is "a series of posts dedicated to helping you make the most of the photos you take and the camera you use."

To start, Carousel has a few solid tips for us all. Things like finding the right angle or staging a shot are discussed lightly, and Carousel also says taking a lot more photos is a good idea. When it comes to action shots, you never know which will be the best one (also, it's good for GIFs).

The posts will hit Carousel's blog intermittently — they didn't say how often they'd post. If you've wanted to step up your mobile photography game, keep Photo School in your back pocket. While we love to talk up devices like Beastgrip Pro or Lumu, a good skill-set is also important.

Source: Carousel