Carnegie Mellon's Modular Snake Robot Can Climb Trees, Pipes, and Your Body

When robots take over the world, it's always because a certain robot was created to help mankind, or at least a facet of mankind's life. That's what it seems like, anyway, in those Sci-Fi movies that seem more like future told than fictional creation. In the case of Carnegie Mellon's modular snake robots, which are being create to be helpful to the human race, we're wondering if creating a(n) (evil) snake robot that can climb up our torso and peer into our soul is a good idea.

In truth, the modular robotic snakes are being created out of Carnegie Mellon's Biorobotics Lab, and they're part of a dedicated program that's completely focused on manufacturing robotic snakes. Making them better. Making them faster, and making them ultimately more useful. Or, as some may think, better equipped to roll over the world. The video below will show that while some can "slink" forward like a snake, others move more like a rolling Sidewinder. That is, until they find your leg, and climb you.

The developers, researchers, and scientists behind the modular robotic snakes say that their inventions will be able to help in search and rescue operations, inspect bridges, and get to other small places that we currently have a hard time getting into. Like we said: it always starts with the best intentions. Check out the videos below, and let us know what you think in the comments.

[via GearLog]