Cargo Node folding bicycle is a modern day pack horse

Brittany A. Roston - Sep 17, 2015, 2:45pm CDT
Cargo Node folding bicycle is a modern day pack horse

City living means cars, despite all of their upsides, can be more of a burden than a blessing. Parking is expensive; free parking is hard to come by. Gas is expensive. Maintenance is expensive. Traffic is usually terrible. For this reason, many use bicycles and skateboards when possible, but those also, obviously, have their own downsides. Xtracycle and Tern have addressed the biggest issues — lack of cargo capacity — with their new Cargo Node folding cargo bicycle.

Cargo Node is like a modern day pack horse, only better — it can fold down to a third of its original size in 10 seconds for transporting on the bus or storing in a closet. It can also haul all your stuff (to a reasonable degree), including things like groceries and books. It uses so-called CarryAll bags for stowing gear, which mount over the back wheel like saddle bags.

The bike also features an ultra-bright built in light for use at night, and the front wheel is wired up with a little generator hub able to produce the energy needed to power this light. Other features include a two-leg kickstand and a hidden tire pump built into the seat post.

The companies are seeking funding on Kickstarter, where they are looking to raise $60,000 USD. So far nearly $24,000 USD has been raised with 29 days to go. A pledge of $1,500 USD will get backers an early bird Cargo Node in black, which includes a KickBack kickstand and a pair of CarryAll bags. Shipping is estimated to start in April.

SOURCE: Co.Exist

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