Carbon Flyer video drone is smartphone controlled

Carbon fiber has been around for a long time and is routinely used in situations where strength, lightweight, and performance are required. The material is used frequently in aircraft and automotive production. A new video drone has debuted called the Carbon Flyer that is made completely from carbon fiber.

The drone is designed to be very easy to fly for adults and kids and have robust crash survival capability. The drone uses a low drag delta wing design and gets power from a pair of high power differential thrust motors.

A smartphone is used to control the drone and Bluetooth 4.0 is the wireless protocol for control. Hot swappable rechargeable batteries make it easy to keep flying while away from an outlet. The video camera can shoot video while the drone flies. The developers say that the Carbon Flyer is the first mainstream product to use carbon nanotube enhanced epoxy.

The project is on Indiegogo seeking $50,000 and has raised over $122,000 so far. The drone sells for $189 for two drones with delivery in August 2015. The regular price for a single drone is $99. Shipping adds another $10 to each unit. A non-powered free flight version of the Carbon Flyer is also available for $50, you can see it in action below.

SOURCE: Indiegogo