Carbon Fiber LCD TV from Toshiba

James Allan Brady - Feb 22, 2008

Toshiba was showing off a new TV finish for their Regza line at their spring press event this year. The finish is that of Carbon Fiber and was created in a small batch for the Turkish market due to requests from dealers there.

The finish is a fairly rugged lightweight material, but it’s also not exactly cheap and wound up adding a thousand dollar premium to the set. Personally I’d rather spend that thousand dollars for a better quality TV than to have it surrounded by CF, but that’s just me.

There aren’t currently any plans to mass produce the sets with the carbon fiber finish, or to bring the ones currently in existence to other markets. However, if you are in Turkey sometime soon and feel like not only paying the thousand dollar premium but the cost to ship it back to your residence, I’m sure you could pick one up there.

[via pocket-lint]

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