Car audio system blows phone book apart

Back when I was in high school, everyone wanted really loud car audio systems. I always had a modest goal; I wanted a stereo system in my car that would blow the skirts off cheerleaders. I don't think that is asking too much really. Sadly, my high school budget could only afford speakers from Wal-Mart so it was never meant to be.

This dude going by meade918 on YouTube has the system in his truck that would have got the task done back in high school. I be this dude has more money in his stereo system than most people spend on a car. The rig draws so much juice he has three alternators on the car and hoards of batteries.

All that power goes to four gigantic subs in the rear hatch of the truck. The fun starts when the dude grabs a phone book and stuffs it in the big port on the rear when all the air the woofers displaced comes flying out. Watch that phone book being shredded is pretty wild. I'd have been more impressed if he pulled up behind a pyramid of cheerleaders though.

[via Fark]