Car adapter - don't look for it here

One of these days I'm going to make friends with someone that lives over in Korea. It seems like every day I find some new gadget that I absolutely cannot live without, only to find out that it's only available in Korea. I bet you can't guess where you can find this next product.

Yup, Korea. Sometimes when I think of it, I picture a vast civilization of beings with technology that far surpasses our own. I'm sure it's not nearly as grand, but at least there you can get an adapter for your car that gives you 3 cigarette adapters and one USB port to charge your gadgets.

Gadgets like this one go for a reasonable rate as well. Only $19. I'm sure it would cost a bit more to get one shipped over here though.

Seiko EM-49 Car Socket Power Strip [via gizmodo]