Captain Marvel Special Look clip heralds start of ticket sales

This year is going to be big for comic books fans on both sides of the fence but most especially for the Marvel faithful. This year will see the conclusion to mystery left by Avengers: Infinity War. But to solve that mystery, one has to look back to the past. Almost literally too. With exactly two months left, the marketing machine for Marvel's Captain Marvel is finally kicking into full gear. Starting with the opening of ticket sales this early.

Of course, marvel knows it's going to be big. In many ways, Captain Marvel is a milestone in the Marvel Cinematic Universe's history. In the comics, Carol Danvers has taken on a bigger than life role, becoming one of if not the most powerful woman in the galaxy. In the movies, she might very well hold the key to fixing the aftermath of the previous Avengers film. Conspiracy theories aside, of course.

Captain Marvel is also the first MCU film with a solo female lead, beating even long-time Avenger Black Widow to the big screen. Unlike Black Panther, however, it doesn't seem to delve too much on social issues for which actress Brie Larson has become known for. Or at least not from any of the trailers shown so far, including this latest preview.

Instead, the film will focus not only on the heroine's origin story but, in a sense, S.H.I.E.L.D.'s as well. It also effectively expands the known universe beyond Earth, even before, at least chronologically, we would meet the Kree in Guardians of the Galaxy. Yes, it's a mess of a timeline and it will definitely be interesting to see how Marvel will try to wrap up more than 10 years of seemingly loosely connected plots.

This latest clip also marks the start of sales for the film from various outlets, primarily Fandango. Captain Marvel will premiere March 8.