Captain America: The Winter Soldier trailer sets fire to the future

The first full-length trailer for Captain America 2 has been released, and inside you'll find no shares of the past. While "The Winter Soldier" was at first – for a very short while – suggested to be covering the World War II-era Steve Rogers, we're set here in the not-to-distant future with mutants, S.H.I.E.L.D., and lots and lots of explosions. Instead of fighting the Nazis, Captain America will be fighting new arch-nemesis, just like the rest of the super heroes.

The trailer depicts Captain jumping out of an airplane without a parachute – classic. He's speaking with the Black Widow as she – with a whole new look, as everyone in this film has – suggests that he go on a date sometime. Captain America, in his hyper-masculine manner, suggests that he has no time for such things.

The rest of the trailer shows the The Falcon – one of the most classic team-ups of the Marvel Team-up collection of comics from generations past. You'll also find the central bad guy to be the character Crossbones, as first appearing in the 1989 Captain America comic with little impact (at first, that is).

True to form, it would appear that the Captain America series will be sticking to Captain America-centric characters, not jumping directly into the big-guns due to one of several reasons. One of the bigger reasons is licensing – while Disney owns MOST of the Marvel Comics comic book characters at this point, they do not own the whole lot, not for movie licensing rights, anyway.

The second reason is cross-branding. It's better to keep the biggest and most well-known villains for the biggest films. At the moment, the biggest villain of them all is set for the Avengers 2, while until the X-Men return to the fold, we'll never see the best: Onslaught. Maybe some glimpses in Days of Future Past.

Also you'll want to go ahead and read in to the title "The Winter Soldier" all you want – Marvel isn't making too big an effort to hide who else is coming back from the first Cap movie. We'll see how in April!