Capcom's E3 presence will contain no playable Nintendo games

Although it may be best known for some of its graphically intensive game franchises on more powerful systems like the PS3 and Xbox 360, Capcom certainly has its hands in the Nintendo cookie jar. So there's no doubt that the publisher will have some titles for Nintendo's platforms to announce at next month's E3 trade show, but none of them will be playable.

Among the already-confirmed games that Capcom is working on for Nintendo at the moment are Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney and Monster Hunter 4, both of which will have massive fan appeal. But apparently neither of them – nor any other Capcom 3DS title – is established well enough to let people get a hands-on fix. But what's even more of a story is in Nintendo's other system – the Wii U.

Capcom may not be the biggest name in the industry – it certainly isn't the smallest either – but its franchises have extremely loyal fans. And that is the kind of company that a console maker needs to have in order to grow a strong user base. It's definitely a disappointment that it won't be able to show off anything for the Wii U. Nintendo's biggest problem is the lack of third-party support, and this is not a good first sign for the Wii U.

[via RipTen]