Capcom putting Resident Evil 6 demo on Xbox 360 first

PS3 owners who want to get a taste of the latest is survival horror action will have to wait a couple months. That is, unless they also have an Xbox 360. Publisher Capcom has decided to bring the Resident Evil 6 demo to Microsoft's console ahead of its Sony rival. No doubt it has some coaxing from Microsoft, which has almost single-handedly brought the phrase "timed exclusivity" to mainstream lexicon.

The biggest irritant to PS3 gamers is that the Xbox 360 gets Call of Duty add-on content months before they do, but this time the timed exclusivity bit happens before the base game is even released. The RE6 demo will go live for Xbox 360 owners on July 3, while anyone wanting to sweat through the preview with a DualShock will have to wait until September 4. That's the way the cookie crumbles.

A Capcom spokesperson was quoted by as saying, "This was a strategic business decision." As a footnote, this demo will only be available to gamers who purchase the other Capcom title Dragon's Dogma, which launches on May 22. Those who have no interest in Dogma will have to wait until September 20, when it will be generally available to both platforms.

[via GamingTarget]