Capcom goes retro with Mega Man 9

Back in the NES days I loved to play Mega Man. However, much like Sonic the Hedgehog, as the games continued over the years, I started enjoying them less and less. It's been a few years since I've even touched a Mega Man game (aside from replaying the original last year), but I have to say that I'm excited about what Capcom is doing with Mega Man 9.

The above screenshot is not from one of the early games, but rather from the latest in the series. At some point Capcom decided that it was time to take the game back to its roots, graphics and all. They've even gone as far as adding in music and sound effects that are very similar to those found in the original NES titles.

Apparently one thing they have changed is that the game is much harder than the ones we remember. Frankly, I think the world is definitely ready for a kick-ass, hard as hell Mega Man. Bring it on Capcom.

[via PS3 Fanboy]