Can't buy games on the Xbox Store? You aren't alone

It seems that the Xbox and Windows Stores are having a bit of an issue at the moment, as users are reporting difficulties when it comes to buying games. This outage has been confirmed by Microsoft, and even though the company is working on a fix, there haven't been any updates on its progress so far.

The outage is affecting the Xbox and Windows Stores in two key areas. The first is buying downloadable content, which obviously is a major issue since it means that people can't buy games at the moment. You can't redeem a code on the Xbox or Windows Store either, so there really isn't any way to buy games digitally right now.

The good news is that every other aspect of Xbox Live seems to be functioning normally, so while you might not be able to buy games, at least you can play the ones you already own. The multiplayer servers seem to be up and running as well, so you can take your games online too.

On Twitter, Xbox Support says it is "aware that some users may be experiencing issues when completing purchases from Windows and Xbox Store; out teams are investigating." The company then tells users that they can track the status of these issues over on the Xbox Support page.

This is a bad time for the Xbox Store to go down, as the open beta for Marvel's Avengers begins today. While the beta won't kick off until 9PM local time tonight, pre-load is available now, and those who are trying to pre-load the game on Xbox obviously can't with these problems. Hopefully Microsoft gets them resolved quickly, so stay tuned for more.