Canon unveils Mac scanners for home and office

I am not a Mac user myself, but I know a few people who are and one of the biggest challenges can be getting software that is compatible with the Mac OS. Windows users take new devices for granted since most everything for computers supports Windows.

Mac users don't have the same luxury. Canon has announced its first two Mac-compatible high-speed scanners called the imageFormula DR-2510M and the DR-2010M. Both of the scanners are aimed at users in the home or office setting. Both ship with Mac-compatible OCR software.

The difference between the two scanners is speed. The 2510M can scan color pages at up to 25 ppm in simplex mode and 50 images per minute in duplex mode. The 2010M scans color pages in simplex mode at 20ppm and in duplex mode at 40 images per minute. Both of the scanners are available now with the 2510M selling for $795 and the 2010M selling for $555.