Canon Pixma G-Series printers all feature integrated refillable ink tanks

Canon has announced a new line of inkjet printers called the Pixma G-Series that includes the G4200, G3200, G2200, and G1200 series. All of these printer hav ea new ink system that won't have you running out to buy normal cartridges like other inkjet printers. These printers are all MegaTank units with front facing refillable ink tanks.

Rather than buying ink cartridges, the user buys ink bottles and uses these spill-resistant bottles to squirt more ink into the chambers when the ink is low. The new refillable chambers are designed to be clean and easy to use in the home or the office. Canon says that this new ink system makes the G-series more cost effective for ink replacement and offers higher page counts per fill than previous generation Pixma printers.

The refillable ink bottles hold 135ml of ink in black bottles and 70ml of ink in each color bottle. That is enough ink for 6,000 pages of black per bottle and with all the color bottles combined you can print 7,000 pages. Canon says that these ink bottles provide thirty times as much ink as a normal cartridge would.

The black ink bottle sells for $17.99 directly from Canon while each of the cyan, magenta, and yellow bottles sell for $11.99 individually. The G1200 printer is a single function unit, while the G2200, G3200, and G4200 are AIO units. The G3200 and G4200 are both wireless units.

Pricing is $249.99 for the G1200, $269.99 for the G2200, $299.99 for the G3200, and $399.99 for the G4200. The entire series can print up to 8.8 images per minute in B&W or 5.0 images per minute in color with max print resolution of 4800 x 1200.