Canon offers FS-CF and FS-CF Pro Compact Flash DTE Recorders

We mentioned yesterday that Canon had unveiled a pair of new professional camcorders called the XF305 and XF300. Canon also announced a pair of new CompactFlash recording devices that can move video shot on the new camcorders to an internal HDD for storage.

The FS-CF and FS-CF Pro DTE recorders are compatible with Canon's line of HDV and Mini-DV camcorders. The devices support 1080 24F, 25F, and 30F with 50i and 60i frame rates in QuickTime and M2T formats. The device also support 1080i 60 and 50 in MXF OP Atom format.

The point of the devices is to allow pro camera crews in the field to offload video recorded directly on CF cards in their camcorders to the FS-CF devices for storage. The Pro version has a color LCD that can be used to play the content back and logs metadata wirelessly during recording. Both will ship later this month with the FS-CF selling for $995 and the FS-CF Pro selling for $1295.