Canon has some new mammoth lenses

James Allan Brady - Jan 24, 2008, 12:57pm CST

The first, and apparently the largest is the 800 millimeter lens with a f-stop of 5.6. Its not coming until May, but when it does, it will cost more than some new cars.

The second is a 200mm lens with a f-stop of 2. Both lenses have optical image stabilization, moisture and dust seals, and fluorite and UD lens components to keep chromatic aberrations away.

The EF200 has a close-focusing distance of 6.2 feet and a circular aperture system that helps out of focus parts of the shot look smooth at least. The EF800 has a magnesium barrel that should help keep the weight down, meaning it actually weighs less than the EF600, Canon is also saying this is the longest focal length lens with optical image stabilization.

The EF200mm f/2L IS USM should be available in April and will cost you about $6000. On the other hand, the EF800mm f/5.6L IS USM won’t be arriving until may and will cost a cool $12,000, have fun explaining to someone that you could have bought a new car but instead bought a lens bigger than your arm.

[via Crave]

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