Canon has produced 50M EOS-Series SLR cameras and 70M EF lenses

Canon has announced a significant milestone in the production of the EOS camera series and EF lenses production cycle. Canon has now produced 50 million EOS-series SLR digital cameras and 70 million EL lenses to go with those digital cameras. Production of the EOS SLR cameras started in 1987. That would include some film cameras and some DSLR units as well looking at the dates.

Canon says that the EOS series hit the 10 million mark in 1997 for its tenth anniversary. The 30 million mark was reached in 2007, and the 40 million mark in May of 2010. Along with the milestone for SLR, camera production also comes a milestone for production of interchangeable EF lenses. The 10 million produced mark came back in 1995. By 2001, production had hit 20 million, and by 2006, production had hit 30 million.

In 2008, Canon produced its 40 millionth lens, and 50 million came the next year in 2009. In January 2011, production hit 60 million and then by this month production had reached another 10 million produced at a total of 70 million. That is a lot of lenses and digital cameras. Canon has just today unveiled its latest EOS DSLR called the EOS-1D X.