Canon EOS R5 details continue to drip - Big 8K news confirmed

At this point, you'd think that the impending release of the Canon EOS R5 was the biggest event of the decade. Canon first announced the camera back in February, parting with very few actual details in the process. The company shared more information in March, but even after that, we didn't have a complete picture of the camera's capabilities.

Today, the trickle-feed continues with Canon releasing even more specifications. These new specifications deal primarily in the camera's video recording capabilities. For instance, Canon says that the EOS R5 will be able to record 8K RAW internal video at up to 29.97 frames per second.

The camera will also be able to record 8K and 4K internal video in 4:2:2 10-bit Canon Log (H.265)/4:2:2 10-bit HDR PQ (H.265) – 8K recordings will be capped at 29.97 fps, just like RAW recordings, while 4K internal recordings will max out at 119.88 fps. The EOS R5 will be capable of 4K external recording too, but there we'll see frame rates hit an upper limit of 59.94 fps.

In 8K RAW and 8K/4K DCI recording modes, the EOS R5 can record no-crop video by utilizing the full width of the sensor, and Canon says that Dual Pixel CMOS autofocus will be available in all 4K and 8K recording modes. Canon Log, which lets users record video with a high dynamic range for post-processing, will be available in 8K and 4K internal recording modes as well.

In addition, the EOS R5 will offer 5-axis in-body image stabilization – we knew that the camera would have IBIS, but before today, we didn't know specifics about it. That IBIS will work alongside optical image stabilization in Canon's EF and RF lenses. Finally, we learned today that the EOS R5 will have dual card slots comprised of one CFexpress and one SD UHS-II.

That's all we got out of Canon today, leaving us to see if the company shares more next month. The EOS R5 still doesn't have a release date, so hopefully that's included in Canon's next reveal. We'll let you know when more is announced, so stay tuned for that.