Canon EOS C300 used in world's first airplane-exclusive film shoot

This week Canon is proud to let the world know that the brand new Canon EOS C300 has been used to film inside confined areas – that is to say, used in the past few weeks to film the worlds first-eve movie filmed entirely on airplanes. With the device they were able to film at an altitude of 35,000 feel across 28,000 miles and three continents in a movie called "Departure Date." This movie stars Ben Feldman and Nicky Whelan as they take a flight together from Sydney to Los Angeles.

The Canon EOS C300 played a pivotal role in capturing the movie which has another product tie-in with the airplane being specifically a Virgin Atlantic flight. This movie also has the lovable trip of Philip Baker Hall, Janeane Garofalo, and Luis Guzman in it, and has already premiered in short at the LA Film Festival on the 17th of June. It wasn't revealed until now the full details of the shoot.

Director of photography Doug Chamberlain spoke up about filming the movie with the equipment of choice:

"I knew it would be a challenge to figure out how to get it done just in terms of lighting, mobility, electrical power, and airport security. I looked at the Canon EOS C300 digital cinema camera and was immediately convinced that it's the perfect tool for shooting 'Departure Date.' The EOS C300 is a very production-friendly camera." – Chamberlain

This movie had Chamberlain using the Canon EOS C300 with PL-mount compact prime lenses and the camera's long recording time options to make it all work out well. Have a peek at our Canon EOS C300 timeline below to find out more about the camera and how you'll be using it for your own film and photo adventures soon!