Canon EOS C300 Digital Cinema Camera revealed [Video demo]

This week Canon has launched a camera that'll seek to be putting Red Scarlet and Arri Alexa in their place. It's the brand new Canon C300 cinema camera and it's been revealed at Hollywood's Paramount Studios where a crowd included journalists and the film industry elite – including no less than Martin Scorsese apparently. This fantastic looking camera has no less than an EF or PL mount (not both, different models,) 1080p video capture, two CF card slot, timecode, and HD-SDI output.

Canon Chairman and CEO Fujio Mitarai stood in front of the in Hollywood noting that the camera is not only well-suited for accurate color correction, but is especially well made for skin tones. The C300 will be costing $20,000 USD in stores starting in 2012 and will be completely unaffordable by the likes of you and me. Word also states that the undeniably powerful sensor in addition to the versatile form factor are far more likely to be deciding factors for those in a position to purchase this camera.

The sensor is a Super 35mm CMOS and is capable of bringing 4k resolution with this devices many various EF zoom lenses. Lenses come in several sizes: two 14.5-60mm lenses, two 30-300mm lenses, three EF prime lenses at 24mm, 50mm, and 85mm. The CMOS sensor is able to deliver 1920 x 2160 pixels in greens and 1920 x 1080 pixels in reds and blues, incorporating approximately 8.29 million effective pixels with "a pixel size that is larger than that for conventional professional camcorders."

Note also that both the Canon EOS C300 (EF mount) and the Canon EOS C300 PL (PL mount) will cost $20,000 while the EF will be available in January and the PL will be available inside March, both of them 2012. For a look at how awesome this camera can be, have a peek at the short film Mobius as filmed with the camera released by Canon this week. Vincent Laforet, the director of the film, used a pre-production unit of the C300 to film the movie, and below the film you can find a behind the scenes film as well: