Canon EOS 7D HD video performance tested: awesome results [Video]

Lurking in among the lenses, mattebox, external microphone and video viewfinder is Dan Chung's Canon EOS 7D, while after the cut you can see the HD video he shot around an hour after picking the new uber-DSLR up from his local store.  Filmed in low light at 1600 to 6400 ISO, it's left Chung – and us – mightily impressed at the EOS 7D's abilities.Video demo after the cut

"In my unscientific gut feeling test I think the images from the 7D in low light are slightly noiser than the 5DmkII but still amazing considering Beijing's dark streets and dim lighting. Its a shame this isn't a full-frame sensor, but its not a deal breaker for me." Dan Chung

Despite having a slightly smaller sensor than the Canon 5D mkII – which leads to a little extra low image noise – Chung reckons the 7D does everything else just that little bit better.  That's excellent news for the prosumer videographers who are apparently eyeing up the DSLR as replacement for their heavy camcorder rigs.

You can see the basic video embedded below, or access the 720p version (for download) at Vimeo or the 1080p version (again, for download) at smugmug.  The Canon EOS 7D is available this month, priced from $1.7k.

[via Planet5D]