Canon APS-H-Size CMOS Sensor May Goes Away ?

Canon makes Digital SLR cameras with three different sizes of image sensor. The flagship 1DS series or mid-price 5D with full frame sensor, high speed 1D series with APS-H 1.3x FOV crop sensor and the entry-level with APS-C 1.6x FOV crop sensor. For years, there have been rumors and predictions on the future on 1.3x sensor but it still makes it way to world's fastest DSLR, the EOS 1D mark III a year ago.

I came across a video interview from a Scandinavian site (In English) during the PMA 2008. Chuck Westfall, Canon's director of media and consumer relations commented on the orphaned APS-H sensor may go away with new addition from rival like Nikon D3. Besides praising their main competitor, Chunk said that Canon 1D mark III was not intended for full frame body, it was created to compete with APS-C category but with higher sensor size. Now with D3 in the market, it's a different story. Right, he didn't say it literally but if Canon were to ditch 1.3 crop, what's the future on 1D series or better yet, 1D Mark III N?

The full frame is covered by 1DS series, so the 1.6 FOV crop sensor size for high action Sport or wildlife body makes more sense to compete with closer 1.5 FOV crop sensor like Nikon D3 (in Dx mode), D200 or perhaps the future D3x. Frankly, Nobody that I knew has issues with Canon if they were to replace the APS-H sensor. I'm down with larger pixel density on APS-C sensor. Darn bird ain't getting any bigger these days.

[via kamerabild]