Canon announces new APS-H CMOS sensor with 120MP resolution

Canon has announced the development of a new CMOS sensor that is APS-H-size and has a resolution of up to 120-megapixels. Canon says that the sensor is the highest resolution in the world for its size. The sensor covers 120 million pixels compared to similarly sized sensors that cover only 16.1 million pixels.

Canon was able to get the huge 7.5 times increase in pixel count and increase the resolution by 2.4 times by using a new control method for the readout circuit timing. The new CMOS sensor is also capable of 9.5 frames per second for continuous shooting of very high-resolution images.

The sensor also has full HD video output capability from any 1/60 sized area of its total surface. The new sensor measures about 29.2 x 20.2 mm. Canon is offering no details on when the new sensor might find its way into DSLR cameras that we can buy.