Canon adds six new LCD projectors for work and school

Canon is mostly known for its line of cameras running the gamut from entry-level point-and-shoots to high-end DSLR with tons of features. Canon also makes a full range of other gear including projectors. Canon has added six new projectors to its line aimed at business users and education.

The new models include the LV-8310, LV-8215, LV-7385, LV-7380, LV-7285, and LV-7280 projectors. All share many of the same features including a new lamp lighting system that reduces power consumptions and extends lamp life. The projectors also have a carbon reduction meter and an auto energy save function. A special standby mode also allows the projectors to use under 1W of power in stand-by mode.

The major difference between the models is the brightness they offer. The 7385 has 3500 lumens, the 8310 and 7380 each have 3000 lumens, the 8215 and 7285 have 2600 lumens, and the 7280 has 2200 lumens. The line all feature DVI interfaces supporting HDCP and have RS-232 and Ethernet jacks. The 8310 will sell for $1199, the 8215 will sell for $1099, the 7385 will sell for $1699, 7380 is $999, 7285 is $899, and the 7280 is $799. All of the models will ship in April.