Canon 4K projector rocks 5,000 lumens with a compact size

Canon has announced that it is working on a new home theater projector that crams 4k resolution into a compact and light body. The projector is still under development, but Canon is talking it up ahead of its launch. The native resolution of digital cinema is 4,096 x 2,160 and the Canon projector will go above that resolution with 4,096 x 2,400 resolution.

Canon plans to bring the new 4k projector to market sometime in 2016. An exact target date hadn't been offered. LCOS technology is used inside the projector and will bring increased performance. Brightness is able to be a very high 5,000 lumen without needing a big and bulky cooling system that is often required in high brightness applications.

Canon fits the projector with its AISYS optical system for the high brightness projector. A new 4k wide zoom lens will be fitted to the projector to allow it to operate from a short throw distance.

Short throw projectors are important for people to be able to use the projectors in smaller rooms and still get a large image size when needed. Some key specifications are unannounced at this time such as the launch date and price point for the projector. It's also unclear what throw distance is required for specific image sizes.