Candle Holdem - The stylish way to keep track of your flash drives

I'll admit that my house isn't filled with artsy decorations. I do, however, consider my Star Wars posters to be works of art. For those that want everything to have that artsy feel, you might want to check out this cool flash drive holder.

The idea behind the Candle Holdem is that people tend to lose track of their thumb drives (guilty as charged), so why not give them a cool-looking place to keep them. The device would come with 5 USB drives which could be inserted into the base unit. While one of them is inserted an LED "flame" lights up above it. Thus the name.

This of course is too cool to be real. That's ok, because I'm not sure how practical it would really be. Every time you'd want to use your thumb drive, you'd have to go get it from wherever the base unit is located.

Hold'em Down, Light'em Up [via yankodesign]