Canadians get to play Haze for a week, return it for full credit

Have you ever been on the fence about a game and wished that you could try it out, and get a full refund if you didn't like it? Sure, you could get a demo, but they are usually too short or are missing key features that really take away from the experience. Well thanks to EB Games in Canada, you can try out Haze for a whole week and return it for store credit in the amount of your purchase price.

I can't say that Haze is high on my list of games that I'm looking forward to, but if I could essentially get the game free for a week, I probably wouldn't pass it up. All you need to do (if you live in Canada) is to pre-order it from EB Games, then make sure you get it back to them within a week from the launch date. If the game is crap, it's no big deal since you'll have plenty of credit to buy another game.

I'm curious to see if EB Games will run this promotion with other upcoming titles, or if this is just a one-time deal. If I could unload my crappy games a week after they came out for full credit, I'd be pre-ordering everything there.

[via Game|Life]