Canada relaxes rules on using mobile devices in-flight

Following the example set in the US, Canadian regulators have relaxed their rules on using mobile devices in-flight. Though travelers will not be able to transmit information, they can use their mobile devices — such as tablets or smartphones — for the duration of their flight.

Much like we see in the US, the rule change is only effective if the airline has changed their rules. While the Canadian Aviation Regulations have been amended, it doesn't apply unless an airline also alters their own safety procedures.

Passengers will have to keep their devices in Airplane mode (if applicable), but can use them during takeoff and landing. Larger items lie laptops will still ned to be stowed for safety reasons, but smaller devices can keep you entertained if the flight doesn't.

These rule changes are almost carbon copies of the FAA guidelines. Though the Canadian guidelines are applicable only to those flights within Canada's borders, it's possible airlines could alter their rules on travel over the border, considering both regulatory bodies now see eye-to-eye on this matter.

Similar rule changes have been made in Europe, so these changes have an international flair. As to whether or not these rule changes would affect the safety of passengers or the flight crew, Canadian Transport Minister Lisa Raitt said "We wouldn't have approved this if we were concerned that it would affect either the safety of air travelers or of crews".

Source: Reuters