Can you spot the rip-off?

Have you ever been playing a game and come upon an area that seems vaguely familiar? Well, on occasion some developers will pay homage to an earlier game by adding in certain details, items or even small areas to their game. However, if you notice that your game is littered with exact replicas of entire areas of several different games, then you're probably playing Limbo Of The Lost.

As you can see from the two screenshots above, that room looks almost identical in both. Unfortunately, one is from Oblivion while the other is from Limbo Of The Lost. Apparently if you wander around you'll find other areas that seem to be taken straight out of games like Morrowind, Silent Hill and (ironically) Thief.

Bethesda Games has not taken kindly to their hard work being stolen and used in a shipping title, and have called up their friendly neighborhood lawyers to sort out this mess. In the meantime, the US publisher of the game, Tri Synergy has announced that they've "discontinued distribution" of the game, and are "just as shocked as everyone else".

[via Kotau]