CamsFormer high-speed camera trigger features motorized 3-axis motion control

Photographers that like to take images of subjects that require fast activation of the shutter to get the picture may have worked with a high-speed camera trigger before. A new camera trigger has debuted that claims to be a world's first. It is called the CamsFormer and it has a bunch of features that users will enjoy including a high-speed trigger, sensors, wireless control, remote live view, pan, tilt, and zoom.

The CamsFormer has high speed DSLR camera/flash triggering and built in sensors for light, laser, lightning, sound, and infra-red motion. It has a wildlife trigger trap and can control 3-axis motion devices wirelessly. The trigger can be used with time-lapse, bulb ramping, intervalometer, and HDR photography.

Wireless control over the camera also users to change camera settings including focus, video recording and other settings remotely. The app that allows the remote control also provides remote live view so you can see what your camera is seeing.

Images can be edited in the camera with 150 effects available. CamsFormer is on Kickstarter seeking $7,000 and has raised over $35,000 with 34 days to go. A pledge of $199 or more will get you a CamsFormer device.

SOURCE: Kickstarter