Camo Toilet Paper "They're Wiping Out The Rear!"

Just in case you need to keep your business classified, you can now use camouflage toilet paper. I really don't think there is a practical use to using camo toilet paper, as if you were somewhere where you were doing your business in the open, you'd probably use a leaf instead of toilet paper.

The novelty of it is kind of funny though. So I suppose if you are going to theme your restroom ala a hunting or military theme, this addition couldn't hurt, at least not anything but your wallet.

Before you fire up your credit card, just remember at $5.95 a roll, plus shipping from Germany, you might want to reconsider. I wonder when the new digital camo styles are coming out? Maybe a "Smell of Napalm in the morning" scented version?

Camouflage Toilet Paper Has A Cryptic Purpose [via ubrerreview]