Camera+ updates with iPad support, iCloud sync

Apple's built-in camera app is great — it's simple and gets the job done, but sometimes it's nice to have a little more control over your camera's settings. This is where Camera+ comes in. It's one of the best camera apps for the iPhone, and it updated today with iPad support, iPhone 5 support, and iCloud syncing capabilities.

We know taking photos on an iPad is pretty ridiculous, but if you absolutely have to, you have no reason to not use Camera+ anymore. The new iPad version takes advantage of the iPad's 10-inch display and offers all the great features that iPhone users have been taking advantage of for a while now. Plus, the iPad now makes a great editing suite for your photos thanks to Camera+'s advanced editing features.

iCloud syncing is also now supported, which means any photos you take on your iPhone can be automatically synced to your iPad, and vice versa. This allows for an easy and productive workflow for mobile shooters, since users can take photos with their iPhone and have them automatically appear on their iPad, where they can then edit the photos using the iPad's more-ideal larger display.

9 million people have downloaded the Camera+ app for iPhone so far. Developer of Camera+, Tap Tap Tap, says that the iPad and iPhone apps should pose as a challenge to Adobe, which offers their own suite of Photoshop apps for editing photos on the iPad, and has their own cloud storage service as well.

Camera+ for iPad is on sale for $0.99 and is available now in the iTunes App Store.

[via The New York Times]