Camera+ turns down Adobe, Google, and Twitter like a boss

This week the head of developer group tap tap tap John Casasanta created a news blast that let the world know his company's stance on being acquired by a larger company: "we're doing more than fine on our own." This announcement comes at a time with a lot of "ridiculousness", as he puts it, on the part of the industry as Facebook's acquisition of Instagram racked up the former $1 billion dollars. What tap tap tap maintains is that though it is tempting to get a vast sum of money in exchange for your services and/or your application on its own, the drawbacks far outweigh the positive outcomes.

Casasanta also spoke up about how this week two years ago was the first in which Camera+ was put onto the iTunes App Store for iOS. It was between then and now that this iPhone app was purchased over 8 million times, with several offers from big-name businesses coming in during that time as well to take a piece of their action. Because as Casasanta says tap tap tap "didn't like the direction the investors were trying to push us in", they've turned down every offer they've had from venture capitalists.

"The proposed Facebook acquisition of Instagram fueled a lot of ridiculousness in the industry and the the number of zeroes that've come-up in these negotiations has been insane. These offers have been tempting ... extremely tempting in some particular cases.

... [But] we didn't build this company with the intention to flip it. We're in it for the long-haul and we're committed to building a real business that makes great apps, not on selling-out. We're doing more than fine on our own and we'll continue to do do so on our own." – Casasanta

The next push for tap tap tap's continuing success in the world of mobile apps will come in the form of a major update for Camera+ code-named "Darkroom." Casasanta notes that this update will be substantial and that the team has been working for "a very long time" on some of the features in order to make them shine like a brand new nickel before they hit the market. Stay tuned for fabulous Camera+ improvements!

Grab the application from the iTunes App Store for $0.99 today.

[via tap tap tap]