Camera Lens Cap Holder will keep you from losing your lens cap

I use a Nikon DSLR most of the time when I am shooting photos. The thing I always seem to misplace is the lens cap. I have had it fall out of my pocket several times while moving around taking photos and my wife always lays it somewhere when she uses the camera and can't find it later. I have spent much more time than I ever wanted to searching for my lens cap. A cool new product has landed on Kickstarter that will prevent lost lens caps if it gets the needed funds.

The product is simply called Camera Lens Cap Holder by Mark Stevenson. The holder is a small plastic thing that slips onto your camera neck strap. The holder has a circular area the size of the lens on your camera that you can attach your lens cap to when you are shooting photos. There are versions of the holder offered for Nikon, Pentax, Canon, Sony, and several other camera types.

The lens cap holders are made from plastic and the project is seeking $3,900 to get started. The money is to produce the molds needed to make the plastic parts. Right now, the project has $2,175 pledged and 14 more days to go before it funds. This sounds like an easy fix for lost lens caps to me.