Cambrionix V3 49-port USB Hub breaks cover

If you've ever lamented the absence of USB ports on your netbook, then here's the obvious solution: details of Cambrionix's second-generation USB Hub have emerged, and as 49 port interfaces go it's not too shabby.  Intended for quality assurance testing, large-scale USB network-attached storage and heavy duty image replication, each port gets 500mA of power and there's a single USB connection to the host computer.

The board measures 270 x 221 x 15 mm, though if you add the protection plates – as seen in these images – front and back it'll get a little thicker.  They should stop port bending from repeated drive insertion/removal, however, and also let you wall-mount the hub should you prefer. 

You may find it's a little cheaper to string together a long daisy-chain of budget hubs, however.  For the convenience and stability Cambrionix are offering, they're asking £399 plus VAT ($657), though you'll also need a separate 5V or ATX power source.

[thanks Peter!]