Cambridge Audio Joins Blu-Ray Club, announces BD-640 Blu-Ray Player

Daniel Lim - Sep 5, 2008

Another Consumer Electronics manufacturer joins the club of Blu. Cambridge Audio will add a new family member to its Azur line of Audio video component with the announcement of Blu-ray Player BD640. The 640BD will get a full set of 7.1 analog channel outputs, BD-Live compatible, supports all HD-audio format bitsream but no internal decoder capable to deliver DTS-MA via analog. The player is expected to retail for $995 with shipping date of early February or March next year.

If you’ve been tracking, most recently announced Blu-Ray players are set above $1000, or worst, beyond $2000 retail. The enthusiast is probably already on board with the long-awaited audiophile-grade Blu-Ray player. With Blu-Ray audio (profile 3.0 to come) is little to know, I’ll keep my PS3’s jet-engine running for now.


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