Cambridge Audio Azur Power Amp And Pre-Amp Combo

Cambridge Audio unveiled some new audio components at CES this past week, a combo in fact, the Azur, 840W amp and a matching 840E pre-amp. The power amp is class XD (that's right, it's an emoticon).

It will crank out 200 watts at 8 Ohms, or 500 watts into 8 Ohms bridged mono. There are 8 inputs and the volume works per decibel, which is nice.

This is an amazing piece of audio equipment and should go nicely with the numerous high end speaker announcements that undoubtedly came out of CES this past week. If you want one, it will cost a thousand pounds for the amp and 750 for the pre-amp.

CES 2008: Cambridge Audio Azur 840W Power Amp & Azur 840E Pre Amp [via Pocket-Lint]