Callpod Phoenix makes conference calling a breeze

James Allan Brady - Jan 4, 2008, 4:47 am CDT

As long as you don’t have more than 5 people that wants in on the call. The base, the oval-shaped thing in the picture below, is rechargeable, and gets recharged via mini USB, which is likely the same connection that connects the nifty little box to Skype.

Skype and/or your choice of Bluetooth capable phone are pretty much the only ways to use this thing. The 5 headsets around the device are Callpod’s Dragon model, but just about any Bluetooth headset should work.

The upside of using Callpod’s headsets though, is that you get push to talk capabilities so that you don’t have to listen to each other breathe heavily when you jobs are on the line. So, you have a rechargeable, battery operated base that can connect to a mobile phone with Bluetooth and split that call across 5, presumably rechargeable, Bluetooth headsets, clearly this is made for those that are on the go, and not for permanent placement in the office, but I’m sure you can use it however you want. Sadly, there is no price or availability info.

Callpod Phoenix: conference calling the Bluetooth headset way [via engadget]

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