Callet Is Part Smartphone Case And Part Wallet

I don't know why exactly, but I never lose my iPhone but I routinely misplace my wallet around the house. Mostly it's because the wife is bad to pile a bunch of crap on my wallet so I can't find the thing. The upside to misplacing a smartphone is that you can call the number and find the thing. The wallet on the other hand lies hidden until I dig through everything around the house and find it.

I also don't care for having my pockets stuffed full so I ditch everything I can when I am on the go. The Callet is the perfect thing for people that like to go light when they are traveling. The Callet is made in models for several different popular smartphones on the market including the iPhone and it comes in several colors with black, blue and pink available.

The big feature of the case is that it has two slots on the back of what appears to be a soft silicone style case to hold your money, credit cards, and drivers license. The case will provide protection if you drop your device and let you go very light for a night on the town. The upside for people like me is that as long as you can find your phone you can also find your wallet.