Call of Duty: WWII Nazi Zombies trailer revealed (officially this time)

We got a look at the Nazi Zombies in the upcoming Call of Duty: WWII game a few days ago, but we weren't supposed to. That leak spoiled the fun for Activision, perhaps, but gave fans their first look at the nazis that will be included in the franchise's next iteration. Following on its heels comes the official trailer for the game...or, specifically, for the nazi zombies part of it, arguably the part we care most about.

The official trailer is nearly two minutes long, and unlike the leak it comes in 1080/60p. If you haven't played nazi zombies since its early arrival in the franchise, be warned that it has changed considerably over the years, and the version you're going to see in the trailer below is a bit more extreme. The trailer is decidedly NSFW (if your company frowns upon animated corpses, that is).

If you're not somewhere you can watch it at a moment, the TL;DR version of it is this: viewers are taken down from the sky through a town, down through the town's sewers, and down further into a sub-basement of some sort. That basement appears to double as a tortuous and probably illicit medical experimentation zone with ample blood, sharp tools, and at least one medical poster showing how to dissect a human face.

From there it becomes a chaotic mishmash of zombie-filled scenes, all of them bloody and snarling, some in chains, others decked out in full nazi uniforms. Rounding out the hellish environment is an ominous mad-scientist type of person in round spectacles, a sparking machine that looks like something out of Tesla's basement, and more than a few limb amputations.

The game is launching on November 3, and you can pre-order now if you're feeling so inclined. Those who do pre-order will get access to a private beta (for the PlayStation 4, mind) starting on 8/25, followed by a beta later on the other consoles (dates for those are September 1 to September 4). Pre-order price for the digital deluxe edition is $99.99 USD; standard price is $59.99 USD.